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1. Design and manufacturing advantages

● Related tank material:

All the tanks are made of German Röchling(V2 flame retardant level) 0.91 density pure raw NPP material, which will not be continuously aged because of strong acid and alkali high temperature conditions. The tank body adopts pouring and welding process, which will not deform the tank body due to thermal expansion and contraction. All trough strengthening keel is made of 3mm square pipe and anti-corrosive cover plate is made of 4mm enhanced NPP.


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● Piping system:

The piping system adopts Taiwan HUAYA brand, and the piping is located in the lower part of the equipment. All process tanks, pipelines and valve body parts are clearly labeled. The liquid pipeline adopts the Swiss GF brand PPH reinforced pipeline, and the pure water pipeline adopts the Taiwan HUAYA brand UPV reinforced ones, and the waste liquid can be discharged through the special pipeline. The water washing tank adopts counter-current rinsing step by step, overflow structure, and the tank wall is equipped with fan-shaped nozzles of American spray system to clean the workpiece with high-pressure jet, thus improving the washing cleanliness of the product. The circulation filter system of the potion tank  uses Taiwan SAN CHUAN HUNG fluid technology, adjustable flow-rate, choosing 5μm cotton core filter material for impurity filtration(can be replaced according to the characteristics of the medicine water and filtering precision), to enhance the service life of the medicine water.


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● Operation motor system:

All using Taiwan TECO surface treatment equipment special anti-corrosion motor reducer, motor output shaft are heat-treated and deep anti-corrosion treatment to avoid wear and exhaust gas erosion in the process of use.


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● Automatic wind cutting system:

The wind knife adopts Shanghai BAOSTEEL SUS316L mirror stainless steel, the outlet pressure and angle can be adjusted, and the wind source adopts high pressure whirlpool fan.


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Anodising Equipment Suppliers


● PLC automation control system:

All the electrical (air switch, contactor, solid state relay, etc.) in the control cabinet adopt French Schneider brand series models, inverter and PLC output module, expansion module, integrated module all adopt Japanese Mitsubishi brand series models, man-machine interface adopts Taiwan WEINVIEW brand series models, industrial control machine adopts Taiwan ADVANTECH brand series models, to maximize the degree of equipment The maximum degree of automation and ensure the human-machine exchange function.


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Anodising Equipment Suppliers


● Automatic drying system:

The substrate is made of Shanghai BAOSTEEL SUS316L series 2.0mm mirror stainless steel material, the outer cladding plate is made of 6mm high-strength Röchling NPP sheet, and the middle sandwich is 100mm silicate ester fireproof insulation rock wool.


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● Heating system:

Using Teflon material, explosion-proof and anti-dry-burning and anti-leakage heater


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● Rectifier system:

Each process tank adopts pulse type high frequency IGBT power supply with voltage and current stabilization and anti-redundancy function to ensure the deposition speed and uniformity of product plating, and it is also equipped with 485 communication function, which can realize man-machine exchange.


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● Intelligent traveling system:

The drive adopts absolute address induction device, the sensor adopts Japan Omron brand series model, dual-axis drive structure, enhance the running stability of the traveling crane, the synchronization is consistent, not because of the load is not the same impact on the beat shaking slack, polyurethane walking wheel use life cycle is long, not easy to wear and tear.


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● Plating flight bar:

The plating flight bar is made of thickened purple copper and lined with steel pipe, not easy to deform under loading, hanging tool position is not easy to appear crater wear.


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Anodising Equipment Suppliers


● After-sales service:

Free after-sales service warranty for one year (except for the man-made factors), lifetime warranty service. After-sales personnel from time to time to the customer production site to visit the operation of the equipment, based on customer process adjustments proposed to improve the assessment records, and continuous improvement.


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● Factory production strength:

Our company has imported German bending machines and touch welding machines, NPP materials with seamless expansion welding process, automatic pouring welding process, hot bending process, Japanese Armada CNC undercutting process, to ensure that the accuracy of plate undercutting satisfies the ±1mm error requirement.


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● Environmental protection and energy conservation and consumption reduction.

■ Energy-saving design of the traveling crane:

   To avoid cross-contamination of the tank  tampering liquid, reduce the number of liquid changes to save the cost of potion.

■ Safety design of the traveling crane:

   Increase the design of the traveling crane to prevent collision to avoid putting the operator in a dangerous environment.

■ Increase the maintenance platform of the crane to facilitate crane maintenance and repair, to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel, reduce maintenance time and improve production efficiency.

■ Cathode plaing flight bar charged into the tank design:

   Minimize the thickness of the plating due to the conductive time difference caused by bad.

■ Counter-current water washing design:

Pre-treatment water washing using 3 levels of counter-current water washing, which can significantly reduce the amount of water, while reducing water heating energy consumption; (For example: the production beat is 15 minutes, heating according to 5h, if there is no counter-current water washing will drain 22t / day, increase the counter-current water washing only about 6t / day, while saving 70% / day)

■ Copper V-holders:

The use of internal water-cooled structure, saving water, cooling effect is better than the effect of the water box, cooling water is easy to recycle.

■ Between the plating flight bar and the copper row using clamping fixed, to avoid false connection between the copper row and the V-shaped seat to produce poor power supply, while avoiding poor contact to produce fire corrosion, to ensure the quality of the plated parts, reduce the generation of defective products, reduce the cost of rework.

■ The heater adopts anti-leakage, explosion-proof and anti-dry-burn shielding design to reduce safety hazards.

■ The process tank is designed with heat exchange system.

■ Environmental protection standards, a full set of machine line uses side suction system, top suction system, closed system for the production process exhaust gas collection, exhaust gas treatment tower using three-stage spray, cyclone and spray process for deep treatment to ensure that the exhaust gas can meet the standard discharge, fan system using explosion-proof, anti-corrosion high pressure fan frequency conversion soft start function.

■ Acid mist treatment tower uses PH electrode automatic dosing system design.

■ Automatic addition system of process tank potion:

  online analysis or additives are added quantitatively in accordance with KA/hour to reduce losses.  


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2. Brand advantage

● Our company is a military-civilian integration enterprise, with the following brand advantages:

■ National military standard quality system certification.

■ Military aerospace weapons and equipment production quality license certification.

■ Three levels of confidential qualification certification.

■ CE certification.

■ SGS certification.

■ ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Hebei Ruisite Precision Technology is the 1st grade agent of the brand potion manufacturer and anodising equipment suppliers (MacDermid, Atotech) in Northeast China, North China and Southwest China.


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