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Barrel electroplating equipment for zinc copper nickel

Barrel electroplating equipment for zinc copper nickel chrome gold silver
● Model No.: RST-GDX-003
● Price: US$6,000-US$200,000
● Min. order quantity: 1 Set
● Capacity: 5 Sets / Month
● Country of origin: Hebei, China
● Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
● Payment terms: L/C, T/T


Barrel plating is the electroplating of workpieces inside a drum. During plating, the current conduction between the workpiece and the anode, the renewal of the solution inside and outside the barrel and the discharge of the exhaust gas all need to pass through these small holes.


Barrel zinc plating machine features:

• Anti-corrosion & Anti-oxidation: Barrel zinc plating equipment provides a durable shield against corrosion and oxidation, ensuring your workpieces stand the test of time.

• Supply conductive & insulating coatings: Whether you need conductive or insulating coatings, this equipment delivers precisely what your projects demand.

• Improve wear resistance: Strengthen the lifespan of your workpieces with enhanced wear resistance, preventing the effects of daily wear and tear.

• Enhancement of reflectivity: Achieve impeccable, reflective finishes that elevate the visual appeal of your products, leaving a lasting impression.

• Increase corrosion resistance: Protect your materials against the harshest elements, increasing their corrosion resistance and longevity.

• Enhancement of aesthetics: Elevate the visual appeal of your workpieces, making them truly stand out with a pristine finish.

• Process requirements: The barrel zinc plating equipment is versatile and adaptable, catering to various plating process requirements with utmost precision.


Barrel zinc plating machine advantages:

• Innovative design: Barrel electroplating equipment boasts an innovative design, setting new industry standards for efficiency and effectiveness.

• Safety: We prioritize safety, ensuring that your plating processes are not only efficient but secure.

• High productivity: Boost your production output with this high-productivity equipment, streamlining your operations and saving time.

• Energy saving: We are committed to energy conservation, providing you with an eco-friendly plating solution that doesn't compromise on performance.

• Environmentally protection: Rest easy knowing that our equipment aligns with environmental protection standards, reducing your ecological footprint while delivering exceptional results.


Barrel zinc plating machine applications:

This plating equipment is your versatile solution for a wide range of plating processes for both metal and plastic products. Whether you're dealing with intricate jewelry pieces or heavy-duty industrial components, it delivers exceptional results.

The major difference between barrel and rack plating is the use of a drum, where the workpiece is plated during the continuous tumbling of the drum. The barrel is generally hexagonal in shape and is placed horizontally. The drum is designed with an opening on one side, and the workpiece is loaded into the drum through the opening during plating. The material is PP board, mesh board, acrylic board, stainless steel board, etc. The cathode conductive device (copper wire or copper rod) is naturally connected to the workpiece inside the drum by its own weight. The structure, size, rotation speed, conductivity and aperture rate of the barrel are all related to the efficiency of the barrel and the quality of the coating, so the barrel is designed to meet the different needs of the customer.


Barrel Zinc Plating Machine






Model No.

● RST-GDX-003


Raw material

● New Polypropylene(NPP), PVC, Stainless Steel, Copper



● Customized



● Anti-corrosion & Anti-oxidation 

● Supply conductive & insulating coatings.

● Improve wear resistance

● Enhancement of reflectivity

● Increase corrosion resistance

● Enhancement of aesthetics

● Process requirements 



● Different kinds of plating process for metal & plastic products.



● Innovative design

● Safety

● High productivity

● Energy saving

● Environmentally protection


Supporting equipment

● Rectifier

● Filter

● Air blower

● Waste gas treatment system

● Others


Operation type

● Automatic

● Semi-automatic

● Manual



● Within one year from leaving our factory



● Eco-friendly wooden box



● By sea

● By air

● By train


After-sales service

● Within one year (We will replace damaged parts free of charge, except for man-made damage reasons.)

● Full life-cycle technical support If customers have any questions about the machine, online guidance for free service.  


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