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Barrel electroplating machine for Zinc Copper Nickel

Barrel electroplating machine for zinc copper nickel chrome gold silver
● Model No.: RST-GDX-002
● Price: US$6,000-US$200,000
● Min. order quantity: 1 Set
● Capacity: 5 Sets / Month
● Country of origin: Hebei, China
● Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
● Payment terms: L/C, T/T


Barrel nickel plating machine is the progress of the scattered small parts concentrated in the drum. It has small fluctuation of plating thickness which can achieve good appearance quality of plated parts.


Features of nickel chrome plating machine:

1. Optimal Part Concentration: The barrel plating process orchestrates the seamless arrangement of small components, concentrating them within the drum. This guarantees an efficient and uniform plating experience, irrespective of the part size or shape.

2. Continuous Tumbling: Barrel electroplating machine keeps the small parts in a perpetual state of motion, tumbling gracefully as they undergo the electroplating procedure. This unceasing motion eliminates the possibility of uneven plating, ensuring a flawless outcome every time.

3. Indirect Current Transmission: The unique approach of transmitting current in barrel plating indirectly sets it apart. This results in a more controlled and refined nickel chrome plating process, adding to the precision and quality of the finished product.


Advantages of nickel chrome plating machine:

1. Labor Efficiency:  Barrel Nickel Plating Machine revolutionizes the plating industry by saving valuable labor hours. It automates the plating process, reducing the need for manual intervention, and thus enhancing overall labor productivity.

2. Exquisite Finish: Achieve an unparalleled level of appearance quality for your plated parts. The barrel electroplating method ensures a consistent and polished finish, leaving your products with an impeccable and eye-catching shine.

3. Consistent Plating Thickness: Experience minimal fluctuations in plating thickness for the inherent stability of barrel electroplating. This leads to precisely plated parts, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

4. Space Optimization: With a compact design, our plating machine has a small footprint, making it suitable for businesses of various sizes. You won't need extensive floor space to integrate this efficient nickel chrome plating solution into your operations.


Barrel Nickel Plating Machine, Nickel Chrome Plating






Model No.

● RST-GDX-002


Raw material

● New Polypropylene(NPP), PVC, Stainless Steel, Copper



● Customized



● Anti-corrosion & Anti-oxidation 

● Supply conductive & insulating coatings.

● Improve wear resistance

● Enhancement of reflectivity

● Increase corrosion resistance

● Enhancement of aesthetics

● Process requirements 



● Different kinds of plating process for metal & plastic products.



● Innovative design

● Safety

● High productivity

● Energy saving

● Environmentally protection


Supporting equipment

● Rectifier

● Filter

● Air blower

● Waste gas treatment system

● Others


Operation type

● Automatic

● Semi-automatic

● Manual



● Within one year from leaving our factory



● Eco-friendly wooden box



● By sea

● By air

● By train


After-sales service

● Within one year (We will replace damaged parts free of charge, except for man-made damage reasons.)

● Full life-cycle technical support If customers have any questions about the machine, online guidance for free service.  

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