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PP plating barrel roller drum

PP PVC stainless steel plating roller
● Model No.: RST-GT-001
● Price: US$200-US$15,00
● Min. order quantity: 5 Sets
● Capacity: 1000 Sets / Month
● Country of origin: Hebei, China
● Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
● Payment terms: L/C, T/T



The shape of the drum is usually hexagonal and round, and the large drum is octagonal. In terms of part turning uniformity, the hexagonal shape is superior to the round shape, especially when the loading volume does not exceed 1/2 of the volume. Round drums are easy to manufacture and have 21% more charge volume than hexagonal drums when the dimensions are the same. When the inner circle diameter of the drum is greater than 420 mm, an octagonal drum should be used so that the radius difference between the inner circle and the outer circle is smaller to facilitate stable conductivity. When it is often necessary to roll plating two different parts at the same time, the drum can be divided into two sections, becoming the left and right two cells.

The hole in the cylinder wall is for smooth conduction of current between the cathode and the anode, while forming a channel for convection of the solution. The shape of the open hole is round, square and rectangular holes. When processing with plastic sheet, the hole diameter should be selected according to the size of the part. Round holes can be drilled at any time according to the product size on new drums that have not been drilled before, which is more convenient, while square holes, rectangular holes or other special shaped openings should be pre-determined when manufacturing the drums to determine the shape and size of the hole and order the finished porous plate as planned. The open area of the round hole is larger than the square hole and rectangular hole in terms of the percentage of heat generation in the cylinder wall area. At the same time, due to the increase of open area, it can reduce the loss of solution carried out during barrel plating and reduce the load and cost of waste water treatment facilities. Reduce the tank voltage during barrel plating, reduce the temperature rise of the solution, etc., which helps to reduce the cost of barrel plating and improve the economic and environmental benefits of the enterprise.

For round hole drums, when the minimum diameter of the plated part is 1.8mm, small holes perpendicular to the cylinder wall are generally used, and the diameter of the holes can be slightly larger. The number of holes should be as many as possible to ensure the strength and rigidity of the drum. The position of the two rows of holes are staggered on each other, and a positive triangular arrangement is preferred. When the hole diameter exceeds 5 mm, the center distance of the hole should not be too large, otherwise the parts will be prone to local scorching and dotted patterns when working under high current density.


PP plating barrel roller

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