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Tin plating machine line

Tin plating machine line
● Model No.: RST-DDX-002
● Price: US$6,000-US$200,000
● Min. order quantity: 1 Set
● Capacity: 5 Sets / Month
● Country of origin: Hebei, China
● Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
● Payment terms: L/C, T/T



Tin plating has excellent corrosion resistance and solderability and is therefore widely used in the electronics industry as a protective and solderable coating for electronic components, wires, printed circuit boards and integrated circuit blocks. Tin has the advantages of corrosion resistance, discoloration resistance, non-toxicity, easy brazing, softness, low melting point and good ductility, etc. Through a special pre-treatment process, a firmly bonded, bright, dense, uniform and continuous alloy coating is formed on the surface of the composite material.


Tin plating machine features

1. This kind of tin plating production line can be fully-automatic and semi-automatic conversion, with scientific and reasonable design, compactness and high degree of automation. Tailor your process to your specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency.

2. The rack plating machine adopts human-machine interface touch screen control and management, and can effectively monitor and follow up the data, PH, time and operation online.

3. The main electrical appliances adopt brands such as Mitsubishi, Omron and Schneider, etc. Count on the reliability, performance, and longevity that these industry leaders bring to your production process.


Tin Plating Machine Products

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